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3000 m2 stock!

Heco Cargo Control Shed


Cargo Control

For cargo securing you have come to the right place. Heco Cargo Control employs various specialists who have been in the business for more than 20 years. We produce, among other things, straps, lashing straps and buckle straps from our own workshops in the Netherlands.


Whether hoisting belts or round slings. We always have the standard sizes in stock. Different size? Then we will produce the required products to order from our own production workshop.
Ask us about the various Possibilities.

Cargo nets

Of course you can contact us for the standard trailer nets and tarpaulins. In addition, we specialise in the production of durable custom-made load nets of tensioning tape fabric. For various logistical purposes to produce in all Sizes.

Steel cables

galvanized, stainless steel or plastic sheath. From 1 to 10 mm and in any desired length. We also sell a large assortment of steel cable Connection Tools. With our hydraulic press, many steel cable slings are processed DAILY.

Import & Dutch Production

At Heco Cargo Control you are at the right address if you are looking for products that deal with cargo fuse. Straps, lashing tyres and buckle tapes are manufactured in-house according to the strict European STANDARDS. The best quality at very competitive Prices. But also for import tension tires, lashing tyres or buckle tyres you are at the right place. 3000m2 stock, so fast delivery is Guaranteed.

Load pliers
Besides the well-known strap, we also carry Load pliers In our delivery Program. Aluminum Cargo keepers, Telescopic rods, cargo shelves or floor beams? Also customization is not a Problem.

Bind Rails
All types of Bind Rails Available from Stock. From standard combination rails to aluminum airplane rails. Binding rails standard galvanized, stainless steel or aluminium. View our assortment on the Website.

Lifting Equipment

Polyester Lifting Tapes
We manufacture and import polyester Lifting Belts. Import is important to be able to fulfill the demand of standard sizes Well. The different sizes of hoists, come from their own confection attelier. Here we can produce quickly and professionally as we say "the specials".
Lifting straps are always double layer with Heco cargo control, with reinforced loop in any length Available.

Polyester round Slings
For Round Slings Applies the same story as for the lifting Belts. We sell Dutch produced and the import Version. This way we can always meet your demand. With standard sleeve or extra strong woven polyester Cover. Round slings and lifting belts are always supplied with a certificate of Conformity. Test certificates are also Available.

Lifting chain
Grade 80 Chain With all standard connection means we can deliver from Stock. Complete chain assemblies can also be Manufactured. Whether it's a 2-jump or 4-jump, with us you buy at the sharpest price.

About Heco Cargo Control

Our team
From Schiedam With a team of 14 people we work hard every day to get your order out on Time. This can only be with a team of very involved colleagues, who only go out the door when the latter are Processed. Not dicks, but brushing so! Come along for a cup of coffee, our cargo fuse specialists can catch you in our SHOWROOM.

Service is of paramount importance to Us. We are only satisfied if you are. That is probably also the reason why we are able to have a good growth every year. fortunately, Every year we can welcome new satisfied Customers.

Fast Delivery
Ordered today and tomorrow in the House is no exception at Heco Cargo Control. Because of the large stocks we can send your order often the same day. Make work can often already within days.
Within the ring of Rotterdam, it can sometimes be the same day yet!

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